HandBrake – X264 Settings


Korlátozza a kimenetet, bármely érték beállítása felülírja az összes beállítást ezzel biztosítva a kompatibilitást a lejátszóeszközökkel (a legtöbb dekóder támogatja az összes profilt). Beállítása esetén nem használható a veszteségmentes tömörítés.

  • Baseline: Primarily for low-cost applications that require additional data loss robustness, this profile is used in some videoconferencing and mobile applications. This profile includes all features that are supported in the Constrained Baseline Profile, plus three additional features that can be used for loss robustness (or for other purposes such as low-delay multi-point video stream compositing). The importance of this profile has faded somewhat since the definition of the Constrained Baseline Profile in 2009. All Constrained Baseline Profile bitstreams are also considered to be Baseline Profile bitstreams, as these two profiles share the same profile identifier code value.
  • Main: This profile is used for standard-definition digital TV broadcasts that use the MPEG-4 format as defined in the DVB standard.[30] It is not, however, used for high-definition television broadcasts, as the importance of this profile faded when the High Profile was developed in 2004 for that application.
  • High: The primary profile for broadcast and disc storage applications, particularly for high-definition television applications (for example, this is the profile adopted by the Blu-ray Disc storage format and the DVB HDTV broadcast service).


  • Max decoding speed/Max frame size/Max video bit rate


További optimalizálás a bemeneti forrásnak megfelelően:

  • film ? intended for high-bitrate/high-quality movie content. Lower deblocking is used here.
  • animation ? intended for cartoons, etc., where deblocking is boosted to compensate for larger, flat areas. More reference frames are used.
  • grain ? this should be used for material that is already grainy. Here, the grain won’t be filtered out as much.
  • stillimage ? like the name says, it optimizes for still image encoding by lowering the deblocking filter.
  • psnr and ssim ? these are debugging modes to optimize for good PSNR and SSIM values only. Better metrics don’t necessarily mean better quality though.
  • fastdecode ? disables CABAC and the in-loop deblocking filter to allow for faster decoding on devices with lower computational power.
  • zerolatency ? optimization for fast encoding and low latency streaming



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