HFS+ (macOS Disk) konvertálása APFS-re (new Apple File System)

  • apfs_hfs_convert [-e] [-v] [-S ] [-n] [-F n] [-M ] [-o] [–no-warning]
  • -e Estimate apfs metadata size.
  • -v Enable verbose output.
  • -S Print statistics and information about the converson to the given.
  • -n Don’t finalize conversion (dry run). Volume remains HFS.
  • -f Force conversion if volume is dirty.
  • -F n Slice #n (0-based) should be fixed size.
  • -M Use the given path to mount APFS during conversion.
  • -o Format options passed through to nx_format and apfs_newfs.
  • –no-warning Do not warn about APFS being pre-release technology, nor wait for user acknowledgement.
  • –watchdog= Conversion will abort after seconds. Default is 600 seconds for dry run, unlimited otherwise.


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